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How does it work?

The limitations with the on-site buying method are that you simply order the DR you’re looking for or a package of X amount of links without really knowing what we’ve got in our inventory.

If you work directly with us it gives us the freedom to suggest domains we think would be great for your site without being confined to the DR of your order as it doesn’t give the full picture of the quality of a domain. Prices will be the same as on the site, discounts available for larger orders. We will invoice via Xero and this can be paid for via Bank Transfer, Stripe or Go Cardless in the same fashion as on-site, to see a previous order click here. This can work either two ways:



We invoice you a set amount each month. Tell us the strategy you want to follow or we’ll help you figure one out. We will suggest placements each month, as well as anchors around your strategy and let you know the cost and what’s leftover on pre-approval. Once you approve we'll get your placements live and any money left over will be rolled to the next month and if you do want to cancel, we will send back anything that’s left, no contracts.


This is ideal for:

  • Clients who want to pay a set amount each month
  • People who don’t want to keep re-ordering and entering anchors (we’re looking at you Fat Joe!)
  • People who want help with a strategy, or just want theirs to be built on and adapted to as the site progresses without constant attention on their part



You say I want X amount of links and a rough budget, we’ll suggest some placements with a total and if you approve, we’ll bill you after they go live. We can also help you with anchor strategy on this.


This is ideal for:

  • Clients who want don’t want the standard online ordering system
  • People who want to know exactly what they’re getting before they commit any money
  • People who are happy with paying variable amounts


If you’re interested, fill out the form below, get in touch by live chat or give us a call!

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